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The experience you touch with your hand

We are familiar with operating presses and their equipment, using them for over forty years, thanks to the constant modernization and use of specific materials: coatings, treatments, punches, matrices and high quality lubricating oils that guarantee excellent flow between the sheet and the punch.

In fact, we know how important and true it is that constant maintenance and continuous updating are the basis of the reliability and durability of an equipment.

And reliable equipment, if operated by an experienced operator capable of interpreting its behavior and carrying out adequate maintenance, produces precise parts.

The Company constantly monitors the production chain, discarding every questionable piece and immediately providing for the restoration of the optimal conditions of a perfect production before the pieces reach the Customer.

01. Vision

The right time is needed to produce well made pieces: precision and concentration, always maintaining a good rhythm.

80 beats per minute, 11,000 pieces in an hour do not allow distractions especially when sequential production does not allow immediate verification.

In the company, the specialized workers assigned to presses have acquired a Critical Vision over the years, before any other competence.

For this reason they represent the best, irreplaceable Measurement Tool.

It is thanks to them that it is possible to promptly intercept any imperfections and immediately intervene to restore optimal conditions.

02. Quality

Quality is a founding principle, mandatory: mandatory.
The Livella Company srl manages the raw materials by lots for traceability and traceability.
We are therefore able to trace the origin of any piece and its mechanical characteristics.

03. Mission

The simplicity of the Brescia tradition: few words, dedication to work; Level shearing and sheet metal stamping is first of all reliable, meticulous and stubborn on quality and precision.
Contact us, and you will discover our potential for yourself.

04. Machinery

We systematically invest in machinery, equipment, training, security.

Our machinery is 25 presses ranging from 30 to 400 tons.

They are equipped with supply lines that can accommodate strips up to 600mm wide and 6mm thick.

05. Environment and Spaces

3000 square meters of shed and 5000 square meters of outdoor area.
Offices, Production, Welding Department, Incoming Goods and Quality Control Area, Raw Material Warehouse, Outbound Goods Quality Control Area, Mold Warehouse.

Our Background. Where born Livella S.r.l.

Livella S.r.l. has gained a hundred years of metalworking experience.

One hundred years of specialization in the production of small sheared pieces produced in small and medium quantities; equipped to deform the sheet, to draw the piece to give the required shape, to cut, to print, to assemble with specific MIG MAG Continuous Wire welding equipment or with projection electrofusion.

Producing poor details, small pieces that assembled will form something else, something that will be in everyone’s homes, such as a boiler, a washing machine or a refrigerator, that will help farmers work or that will be part of motor vehicles and large industrial machines.

We sometimes use outsourced processing at selected and certified suppliers and we entrust them with galvanic treatments, powder coating also with cataphoresis, chrome, silver and gilding, zinc plating and nickel plating.

Partnerships with decades of collaboration give us the opportunity to close the range with laser cuts, laboratory tests, mechanical processing.

prima della nascita dell' azienda

The history of Livella S.R.L.

documento del 1911 di livella


The origins

Bortolo Livella starts his activity as a blacksmith blacksmith in Sarezzo

livella srl


Roberto Livella, son of Bortolo, takes over as a blacksmith


Roberto Livella receives the Certificate of Merit from the Brescia and Province Artisans Association


Activity passes into the hands of Rolando Livella


Introduction of sheet metal cold molding

Rolando Livella converts the blacksmith workmanship to Small Artisan Company and introduces the cold pressing of the sheets

azienda di spicco


Rolando Livella awarded with the Diploma of Honor

The title of Cavaliere del Lavoro is conferred on Rolando Livella by the President of the Italian Republic XX.
The Brescia Artisans Association awards him with a Diploma of Honor for his recognition as a Knight


From the laboratory to the first artisan shed

Rolando Livella, assisted by his sons, moves the company from a small laboratory attached to the house into a craft warehouse while remaining in the Municipality of Sarezzo.


Introduction of the Robotised Welding Process

Livella S.n.c. expands and refines its field of action by introducing in the production process the Robotic Welding by Anthropomorphic Robots


The “Loyalty to Work and Economic Progress” Award

the “Loyalty to Work and Economic Progress” Award to the Mechanical Workshops Livella S.n.c. receive from the Chamber of Commerce award “Loyalty to Work and Economic Progress”


Transfer between Sarezzo and Castegnato

Rolando Livella transfers the company from Sarezzo to Castegnato and buys the first 300-ton press and other robotic welding plants with the active collaboration of the children who already actively contribute to company management.


Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001

Livella S.r.l. obtains the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification for the stubbornness of the Production Manager and Quality Manager Roberto Livella in pursuit of the Low Non-Conformity Objective.


The Generational Change

La Livella srl is entirely managed by the 4th generation (the Livella Brothers, Rolando’s sons). The CEOs are Vladimiro and Roberto Livella.


Introduction of the new Robotic Welding Islands.

Livella srl is equipped with the latest generation of robotic welding islands with Anthropomorphic Robots


Innovation passes from the modernization of the Machinery Park.

After tasting the bitter taste of the crisis, Livella S.r.l. records a year of great prosperity in 2010, and invests promptly in the modernization of the fleet also to face the growing demand for supplies.

Everything comes exclusively from the desire to get involved, to renew ourselves and demonstrate to our customers that the liveliness and initiative in facing each new challenge represent the lever that from time to time leads us to pursue and reach a new goal.

Time has confirmed and given reason to all our efforts, seeing Livella S.r.l. sign interesting and special new orders.


Introduction of the F.MeA method

The F.MeA method is introduced which allows the prevention of non-conformities because the procedure is the preventive analysis of each single variable on the production approach, thus avoiding a priori the possibility of a wrong approach. From the empirical one passes then to the analytic that stimulates innovation, quality and guarantee of excellence.


The New Molding Lines

Livella Srl is equipped with two new molding lines.


Achievement of the 0.001 rate of non-compliance

The profuse commitment, after more than 10 years, has shown how the Adoption of a Precise Setting of Company Procedures makes the difference and leads to more than satisfactory positive results.

News of 2015 was the Attainment of the Objective of the 0.001 rate of non-compliance, confirming the passing of the Target established in 2004.


Installed the new 250 ton press with Link Drive System

Installed the new machinery with double upright and double connecting rod. His 1700x1000mm Tops. with compact feeding line they are able to work ribbons up to 600mm x 6mm thick


Quality, 3D scans, metrology room

New metrology room and new quality office in operation.
Insertion of a new quality manager within the company.
The approval of all the new articles produced will be accompanied by the PPAP documentation. We will also allow you to request a three-dimensional scan of the piece.