Sheet metal shearing processing in Brescia.

The activity of sheet shearing is insidious because it possesses and hides many variables within it.

The sheet metal shearing activity defined as “simple”, that is the “simple” cutting process, of die cutting of the sheet metal which in this way, if executed with skill, avoids many inconveniences, guaranteeing uniformity and homogeneity.

The “complex” process of blanking associates various phases of mechanical processing such as bending, coining and drawing.

Our challenge is not only to cut well, but also to optimize space, overcome constraints, taking into account costs.

We have learned over the years and with the optimization of the costs of industrialization for the Client, to implement lean and precise procedures for the shearing of every single detail.

With our method for cutting with transfer molds we make accurate finished parts.

Our products are characterized by the purity of inclusions, maintaining an excellent state of the surface and verifiable by its uniformity and homogeneity.

We have over 50 years of experience in shearing sheets in Brescia, known for the precision and quality of the finished product.

Experienced and precise operators, sheet metal shearing operations are carried out on specific customer requests.

The tooling department, which operates in full agreement with the production department, counts on the qualified work of toolmakers, whose precise task consists in the production and maintenance of the molds.

tranciatura lamiere a Brescia
tranciatura lamiere a Brescia
tranciatura lamiere a Brescia

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