Sometimes to obtain a particular shape by keeping the thicknesses unaltered and homogeneous, the sheet must be deformed through the sheet metal drawing process.

Livella S.r.l. engages in precision machining for a final product that meets the customer’s requirements.

We do stamping and sheraing but these two procedures are not always adequate to reach every desired shape, to remedy this problem the drawing process takes place.

The sheet is cold-formed in a concave form by the action of the press and by means of the modeling mold.

The process of deep drawing of metals in flat sheets starts with the design and production of the mold, specific for the shape that is desired.

Like the other works, in Livella S.r.l. also the sheet metal drawing process takes place by means of internally made molds.

Thanks to this it allows us to obtain not only excellent results in terms of precision and quality of the deep-drawn piece, but also to realize any particular request of the customer, who can count on a personalized mold design and construction service.

imbutitura lamiere
imbutitura lamiere

When you want to make containers, cups and other whole pieces with a certain height, the drawing is the ideal shaping technique.

imbutitura lamiere

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