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We carry out prototyping service, both from design and from sample.

It is a necessary advice, first of all to evaluate, contemplate and prevent any inaccuracies in the production phase and of course, allow our clients to grow professionally.

The design of a piece sometimes arises from an idea and it is our professional responsibility to make it become a piece that, once assembled, gives a guarantee of good functioning to the product of which it will be an integral part.


The consulting activity therefore consists in giving substance to an idea by providing the project. From the construction of the prototype to the planning of the industrialization process up to the mass production of sheet metal products.

If necessary, we create 3D Rapid Prototyping through the use of special resin printers, aimed at giving the customer greater clarity and truthfulness to the final product.

We collaborate with the designer making available the skills, the business skills and the centuries-old experience and it is an adventure that is realized only by involving all the realities interested in the realization of the piece.

We are not only dedicated to the creation but also to the maintenance and repair of molds.

Contact us, we will evaluate together the best solution to give life and realize Your Idea.

Every need is different and particular.