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Mold Maintenance and Repair

In our warehouses, every piece of equipment is, and must be, in a good state of maintenance because it determines the quality of the molded piece, as well as the long life of molds and machinery.

The same cleaning of surfaces, tools and the working environment contribute to obtaining the highest quality in the result.

Therefore the constant maintenance of the molds and of the equipment we carry out is aimed at preventing their deterioration and guaranteeing a return to the client’s investment.

The analysis and monitoring of the molds before and after each processing ensure that we can take every smallest change.

Providing prompt repair and restoring the original efficiency allows us to have maximum precision whenever we want to start a new production.

In the factory we have no secrets and we constantly communicate between us the possible onset of problems to prevent them and immediately remedy them.

magazzino manutenzione e riparazione stampi

We design molds, we produce molds and prototypes; we take care of them while they work and we continue to look after them even when they are not working, from maintenance to repairing them.

We keep the molds in our own warehouse where, after every use, the maintenance and repair of them gives us, through sharpening, lubrication and cleaning techniques, to have molds immediately ready for eventualities.

The organization of the layout in the warehouse, combined with the constant updating of the setup cards, make the logistics of the molds easy, which are thus always ready for use, even in situations where the production of the parts must be started with extreme urgency.

magazzino manutenzione e riparazione stampi

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