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Equipment Design and Implementation

The equipment design is the basis of the success of our products.

We design and manufacture even complex molds keeping in mind with extreme attention to which material will be used, so which material will have to be produced, and which treatments will have to be subjected.

We produce your molds as if they were ours because the quality of our product and customer satisfaction are first of all the result of a quality mold.

We will therefore choose the most suitable type of materials, treatments, anti-wear coatings, based on the lots and production characteristics.

We produce single molds, progressive molds and transfer molds.

For the design of a mold, a matrix, a template, a punch, they are made using top quality materials.

We want to have a long-term vision on company production and we can only achieve this with quality equipment.

Mold and equipment will be alive for many years and for all these years they will be partners of our work.

If we want to maintain the highest quality of the molded piece we have all the interest that the design and construction of the equipment are of the highest level.

We also work 11,000 pieces per hour, which is more than 180 pieces per minute, so about 3 pieces per second.

We want the certainty of the quality of our production: a design with attention to the smallest details, building carefully and constantly maintained.

Molds and dies are not our property, we use and maintain them on behalf of the client.

Entrusting one of your molds to us is a know-how partnership because we combine the best mutual skills, based on trust between both parties, and we guarantee the guarantee of a good product.

The next step will be object prototyping.

progettazione stampi , dime , maschere
attrezzature volta alla creazione di prodotti

Contact us, we will evaluate together the best solution to give life and realize Your Idea.

Every need is different and particular.