Robotic Welding and Automated Component Assembly

We carry out robotic welding with continuous MIG-MAG wire and we use only quality wires and gases; Welding robots and generators are always of the latest generation.

Our goal is to have all the pieces free of welding residues, then clean, homogeneous and uniform welds.

We check every welded piece with constant and tireless determination, intervening with changes and improvements to the process and, if necessary, even going back to the origin of the problem that arose.

We are aware that a good assembly is the result of a process and a production chain of excellent quality. Proceeding backwards we can intercept the problem if necessary by modifying the mold or even the original project.

In other words, an assembling problem is certainly a problem generated elsewhere; solving the problem by identifying its origin we will have invested our time for an always effective production.

We do not neglect anything.
It does not matter if the welded pieces must allow the sliding of bolts, if they simply have to fit together with other pieces, or serve as a space or a thickness or even just as aesthetic pieces, since in all cases they must be functional, perfect.

saldature robotizzate

Perfect welding is the sum of two factors.
A robot and a specialized technician who programs it.

saldature robotizzate
saldature robotizzate
saldature robotizzate

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