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In the kitchen, the first drawer next to the sink

The division of Livella Srl who takes care of small parts and household utensils and has many years of experience in making cooking tools distributed on the market by the main design companies.

Thanks to our particular attention and precision we have been able to collaborate for Grandi Nomi by punctually folding, assembling and delivering all kinds of Kitchen Utensils, such as ladles, tumbler emptyers, potato peeler, stalk, spoons and forks, pizza cutter, knife sharpener.

Nothing is left to chance, even in this sector precision is obsessive, leaving the customer satisfied.

Utensili per la casa
Stampaggio Affila Coltelli Livella S.r.l. Brescia Castegnato

Some products we use for the kitchen

  • Cookware
  • Empty Zucchini
  • Levatorsolo
  • Potato Peeler
  • Spoons and Forks
  • Pizza Size
  • Sharpener 
Utensili per la casa
Stampaggio minuteria per la casa Livella S.r.l. Brescia Castegnato

Contact us, we will evaluate together the best solution to give life and realize Your Idea.

Every need is different and particular.


The Other Sectors in which we operate

  • Automotive components
  • components for agricultural machinery
    Components for Agricultural Machinery and for Earthmoving
  • Sistemi di riscaldamento e condizionamento
    Heating and Conditioning
  • Components of windows and doors
    Components for doors and windows
  • Electrical Components
  • Components for Pneumatics
  • Bathroom furniture and sanitary ware
  • Office furnishing sector