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Bending of small metal parts for electrical systems

In the Electric / Electrician sector Levella S.r.l. operates in the molding and bending of connection elements of minute dimensions.

The accuracy of our bending machinery guarantees a precise forming of the single component.

The products made for the electrical sector range from Fast-On male / female connectors, to any other type of small parts and contactors

Molding of electrical components

Some Products we use for Electricians

  • Male and Female Faston Connectors
  • Small Parts
  • Contatteria
  • Brackets and Supports
Molding of electrical components

Contact us, we will evaluate together the best solution to give life to your Idea.

Every need is different and particular.


The Other Sectors in which we operate

  • components for agricultural machinery
    Components for Agricultural Machinery and for Earthmoving
  • Sistemi di riscaldamento e condizionamento
    Heating and Conditioning
  • Components for Pneumatics
  • Office furnishing sector
  • Bathroom furniture and sanitary ware
  • Household tools
  • Components of windows and doors
    Components for doors and windows
  • Automotive components