Outsourcing and customized solutions

We rely on outsourced processing for the treatment of the piece, such as galvanic treatments: very delicate processes for which specialization and specific equipment are required. The companies to which we rely belong to our group, carefully selected over the years and in possession of specific certifications.

From them we demand the application of quality standards that go beyond those imposed by the standards.

To keep quality under control, we regularly and systematically carry out quality and process audits with outsourcers. We use the most accredited functions and departments, giving evidence of the objective status of the treatment.

The auditors are entrusted to the certification bodies for the guarantees of conformity, effectiveness and performance level of the outsourcer, but we personally make sure that the application of good practices is careful and assured.

Each outsourcer performs the endurance tests internally its own reality in compliance with the quality standards and standards required and exact by Livella srl.

Alongside outsourcing, we are equipped internally for the salt spray test.

We guarantee uniformity for all galvanic treatments or subsequent painting and we also pay great attention to the packaging so that the piece is flawless on delivery. Contact us to find out more.

lavorazioni in outsourcing e soluzioni personalizzate

Outsourcing Services

Powder Painting

A good finish of the piece guarantees protection from corrosion and resistance to aggressive agents.

It is essential for the metal parts of office furniture and car and furnishing accessories.

Ideal for galvanized parts. Allows the widest range of colors.

Powder Painting with Cataphoresis

It is mainly performed on large surfaces to guarantee homogeneity and is often the best basis for a subsequent passage of powder coating.

lavorazioni in outsourcing e soluzioni personalizzate

Chrome plating, nickel plating and galvanizing

These treatments are carried out with a barrel plant with various types of industrial processes depending on the products to be treated or the needs of the client.

There are several outsorcer that we use to guarantee the highest quality to every requesting sector.

An example of this is the automotive sector, which requires many and accurate differentiated passages (thorough cleaning, chemical and / or electrolytic degreasing, chrome passivating treatments, compact seals).

The term small parts includes many small products and our responsibility is to perform the best treatment according to the use of each individual metal detail.

Silver and Gilding

These treatments are often entrusted to the skilled hands of artisans who transmit this form of art from generation to generation.

To silver and gild a piece is to give dignity to the article to which the work is applied and nothing can be overlooked: pre-treatment, pickling, preventive and post-treatment cleaning, polishing, polishing, antioxidant treatments in particular on silver.

lavorazioni in outsourcing e soluzioni personalizzate

Contact us, we will evaluate together the best solution to give life and realize Your Idea.

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