Molds are the fundamental component for molding operations

The tooling and tool making department is newly built and opened, year 2019, and is therefore equipped with the latest technologies available.

This department allows us to be timely in the execution of extraordinary maintenance on the molds, thus improving the timing of delivery of the parts and optimizing the planning of the realization of new equipment which will then be used in the molding department.

The latest generation tools available to us therefore allow us to guarantee efficiency and precision in the production and maintenance of the molds.

The head of the department is Mr. Roberto Livella joined by two technicians.

Find out how we protect our molds and how they are kept

Mold Construction | Livella S.r.l. | Castegnato (Brescia), Italy
Costruzione Stampi | Livella S.r.l. | Castegnato (Brescia), Italia
Costruzione Stampi | Livella S.r.l. | Castegnato (Brescia), Italia

Livella S.r.l. is based at Castegnato in Via Pianera 24, in provincia di Brescia, offers services for the construction of molds for metals to be used internally, for companies throughout Italy and abroad.

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