Projection welding is a special welding technique for assembling pre-printed components

There are several procedures that we carry out, including those for welding with projection spot welding.

Applying small small parts, screws, nuts, inserts, handles or decorations is a precious art inherited from our grandfather and then from our father.

Welding a grating, or a metal screen requires experience, precision and extreme ability to prepare the welding machine.

Effective, efficient but also aesthetic welding is essential especially for those who, like us, produce small parts with automated systems.

The latest generation of projection welding equipment has contributed to improving the quality of the finished product and optimizing production times and processes, reducing or refining production costs but never at the expense of quality.

saldatura con puntatura a proiezione
saldatura con puntatura a proiezione
saldatura con puntatura a proiezione

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